Rabbit Samurai 3

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What is Rabbit Samurai 3?
Welcome to the new world of Rabbit Samurai! Use a grappling hook to reach heights and dive deep into the water. Get lost in this open-world puzzle-platformer! Control a circular rabbit samurai and shoot a harpoon in any direction to move. Traverse your way through land and water, interacting with the many items strewn about. Your harpoon will only go so far, so be strategic with your maneuvers! Click anywhere to launch the grappling hook. It doesn't stick to metal, only the ground and wood landscape. Spin ancient frog stones with the grappling hook. Bring little jellyfish balls to water and make them grow!

How Do I Play Rabbit Samurai 3?

Desktop Controls:
WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
Mouse Click - Launch grappling hook

Mobile Controls:
Touch and Drag - Aim and launch grappling hook
Touch on-screen buttons - Movement