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What is REPULS?
Repuls is a casual sci-fi first person shooter with vehicle combat inspired by games like halo and battlefield.

Gameplay in repuls is unique, unlike games such as or venge, not only can you run and shoot but you and 2 teammates can jump in a Jeep with a mounted minigun and tear the other team apart, jump in our guardian aircraft and rain terror from the skies or stomp your way around the map in a armored battle mech, launching rockets at your enemies.

We also have a very passionate community and we're always looking for new members.

What are you waiting for? Join a lobby, invite a friend and destroy your opponents with epic sci-fi weapons like plasma rifles, abilities such as grappling or gadgets such as EMP grenades.

How Do I Play REPULS?
Choose your weapons and gear. Click play to enter a match. Defeat your opponents to level up and unlock weapons then you can access the store to purchase cool helmets and skins. Later, when you trust your skills, check out hardcore mode.

W - Move forward
A - Move left
S - Move backward
D - Move right

Space - Jump
E - Pickup weapons or Use Vehicle

Enter - Chat
Escape - Pause
Left Click - Shoot
Right Click - Aim