Zuck vs Musk - Techbro Beatdown

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What is Zuck vs Musk - Techbro Beatdown?
GET READY FOR AN EPIC BATTLE! Zuck vs. MUSK! Team up with your gamer buddies and gear up for an electrifying showdown packed with action! Take to the virtual ring, unleash incredible moves, and dominate your opponents! You'll be able to fly high, deliver crushing blows, and even bounce off the ropes! And guess what, bro? You can also challenge your friends online and prove who's the ultimate champ! Get your game on!

How Do I Play Zuck vs Musk - Techbro Beatdown?
The controls are very simple:
Use either the arrow keys or wasd to control your wrestle bro.
Jump by pressing the up arrow
Double jump to pin
Enter/Space will attack in different ways, depending on what the situation is.